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Become creator by doing what you love — cooking!
Create. Cook. Earn.
What is Admeal?
Admeal empowers 1.6B foodies to become food and recipe content creators and make money without followers. With a market size of $234B, Admeal will transform the food creator economy to make it accessible to everyone.

With a focus on leveraging Web3 technologies, the team designed the platform that offers a one-stop solution for food and recipe enthusiasts, content creators, and CPG brands.
Want to know all features of the Admeal platform?
Participate in challenges
Participate in challenges and brand events to earn NFTs and POAPs
Here’s just a fraction of what anyone
can do on Admeal
Get rewards
Submit your daily cooking and get rewarded with tokens, badges, and more
Spend rewards
Use the rewards in the Brand marketplace or upgrade your account
Monetize data
With decentralized identity technologies (DID & SSI), you
can sell your cooking data
Contribute & submit
Submit recipes and offer improvements to get rewards and recognition
Rent your NFT when not using
it for an agreed incentive
Monetize data
Crowdfunding campaign is live!
  • 3% more DISH tokens for each reward
  • 3% discount on in-app purchases
  • DISH and ADM token drops
  • Access to premium recipes from Chefs
  • NFT drops from future collections
  • Up to 5 NFTs can be merged for increased benefits
Check out the whitepaper to learn more about Admeal. Or join our Discord to stay up-to-date with the NFT mint event!
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